Lingerie is the foundation of our outer expression

We are detail orientated and lovers of all things beautiful, our hand selected lingerie, swimwear and beachwear collections reflect this. We offer a personlised and unique service through our online shopping experience. We also supply and distribute retailers throughout the Middle East​​

'Lingerie is a symbol of femininity and empowerment all rolled into one. Hidden under our clothes, lingerie is the foundation of our outer expression. I naturally home in on detail and I love the sheer variety and design options there are when it comes to lingerie, from lacy to practical and everything in-between it’s immensely satisfying to know that I’ve made someone feel good with my selection of products, the whole experience right down to the packaging is so important for me because I know it will make my clients feel special. Knowing that they will walk away with a lingerie or swimwear that will make them feel a positive emotion, whether that’s sexy, at ease, empowered or beautiful is just the best thing I could ask for'