Picking the Perfect Lingerie for Your Special Day

Your wedding day is probably one of the most important days of your life, we get it, you want everything to be perfect right down to the place-mats on the table. Which is why we have put together some top tips for the perfect lingerie for your wedding day...


1) Streamline

Obviously buying your dress was one of the first things you did, right? So now it's crucial to find lingerie that will sit perfectly and comfortably underneath your dream wedding dress. Invisibility is key, so choose something that is comfortable and streamline under your dress.


 2) Have more than one option

Lots of women have more than one lingerie option for their big day, and it feels extra special to slip out of your dress after a long day and into your second set of beautiful undergarments. And why not?! It is your wedding day after all.


3)  A one-piece or more...

Depending on your dress, you may want to consider a bodysuit or corset. If you have a super slinky, tight dress then a bodysuit may be your answer to avoid any panty lines.


 4) Don't forget the Honeymoon

Your Honeymoon is an extension of your wedding, pop a silk or satin bridal robe in your suitcase to slip on when having a lazy breakfast on the balcony or to slip on when you're getting ready to go out.