How Do I Know if My Bra Fits Properly?

Knowing the basics of how a bra should fit can really make all the difference in how you feel and look in your clothes, whether you’re bra shopping online, in a store or just having a lingerie drawer sort out, if you have the basic knowledge it will empower your bra buying decisions! So let’s go through some of the things to look for.

The Underband


The back band of the bra is an important element of the fit of the bra, it’s actually responsible for the majority of discomfort if it’s not fitting right, including straps falling off and bra riding up. In fact, a lot can be solved by ensuring the back band is a good fit.


How to Check This Yourself

The best thing to do initially is stand in front of the mirror and look at how your bra is sitting on your body, once you’ve done this, check that the back band of your bra doesn’t pull away from your body too easily, where is the band sitting? Is it parallel to your body or is it riding up? You are aiming for a parallel band from front to back, so if your band is riding up, this is most likely because the band size is too big, try fastening the bra on the tightest hook to see if this helps, but if it’s a bra that you’ve had for a long time then you may want to consider waving it goodbye and embarking on a bra fueled shopping spree (hooray!)

Now you have done your self-assessment, you will need to either try going down a band size (not forgetting if you are going down a band size you will need to go up a cup size) if the band is pulling away too easily, or up a band size if you feel the band is too tight (not forgetting that you will need to go down a cup size if this is the case)

Center Gore


Next you will need to look at the centre part of the bra, the piece of material in the centre of your chest attaching the two cups. This should sit flat and not pull away too easily, don’t forget, this can be made from all kinds of materials, so make allowances for that.




If your bra has an underwire then this plays a key factor in comfort, any underwire sitting on breast tissue is bound to be uncomfortable and really not very good for your breast health. You may not notice this so much in a lingerie set that you save for special occasions, but it’s important to get it right if this is a bra that you will be wearing on a day to day basis.

How to check the fit yourself

That trusty mirror is going to come in handy again. Stand in front of the mirror and observe where your bra sits, are the underwires under your breasts or sitting on your breasts? The underwire of your bra should sit flush with your body and hold your entire breast in. Now scoop your breast tissue forward as you pull the wire back and re-evaluate, if they don’t comfortably sit inside the cup and underwire then you may want to go up a cup size.



Once you’ve done all of the above have a look at how your breasts fill the cups, the cups should lay flush with your body regardless of the bra style, if you have gaping then the cup is likely too big and if you have spillage then you may need to go up a cup size, obviously if you have chosen a balconette style bra then you are looking for lift and a bit of upwards cleavage, then great, but you still shouldn't be getting an over-spill, but each bra style can differ so choose the right bra for your body shape and the occasion. But if you are getting spillage in a full coverage bra then it’s time to size up! 



Your bra straps are responsible for the majority of your bra’s support, they should stay in place and not keep sliding off your shoulder, if they are doing this, then you need to tighten them. Equally, they should not be digging into your skin. If your bra straps are slipping then check the band, if the band is riding up and lose then this will cause the straps to fall. If the band is secure and parallel then tighten them so they sit neatly and comfortably on the shoulder.



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